From project, to implementation and technical assistance,
with accuracy, high professionalism and integrated solutions

Refrigerating Equipment

The wide range of equipment used and the work developed in close partnership with the main manufacturers, allow our Engineering Department to obtain dedicated solutions, in the construction of Central Refrigeration Systems, Condensers Groups, Evaporators, Chillers,  Condensers and other equipment.

Refrigerated Displays

Hiperfrio offers its customers Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Food Wholesalers the solutions of “TASSELLI” and “KAPLANLAR” brands in remote displays and “ISA” and “JORDÃO” brands in furniture with built-in motor and fits them in the design and needs of the installation it performs and the market it targets.


Isothermal Doors and Panels

According to the needs of its Clients, Hiperfrio presents and executes the most suitable solutions in Thermal Insulation with Continuous, Discontinuous, Modular or Hook Industrial Refrigerator Panel – using the highest quality materials in pursuit of this objective.


Industrial Refrigeration Projects

With strong experience in the industrial refrigeration sector, using ammonia or halogenated fluids as refrigerants, and glycolated solutions as secondary fluids, Ritel designs and executes all types of refrigeration installations, namely for:

  • Slaughterhouses for Bovines, Pigs, Sheep / Goats
  • Meat Processing Industries
  • Poultry Slaughterhouses
  • Fruit Warehouses
  • Horticultural Warehouses
  • … and also, Ice Production, Fish Industry, Diary Products, Food Distribution, etc, including:
    • Rapid Cooling Tunnels
    • Stabilization Chambers
    • Refrigeration Food Conservation
    • Freezing Tunnels
    • Refrigeration Frozen Food Conservation

Technical Assistance & Customer Support

We guarantee the Technical Assistance Service 24 hours, 365 days a year, in the different latitudes where we operate, ensuring the quality and reliability of the equipment supplied.

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