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Hiperfrio Board

Hiperfrio / Ritel is a company that, like so many others, was born and grew due to the entrepreneurship, pioneering and resilient spirit of its founders. These characteristics are still well-defined in the company’s DNA, especially the pioneering use of Glycol in supermarkets and CO2 as an energy source in cold plants. Our aim is to have the best solutions for customers, with a genuine partnership attitude, with a permanent commitment to leveraging the performance and results of our partners. To be an active element in social dynamics, contributing to combat social asymmetries, and to apply good environmental practices in their working methods. Our determination is summed up in one expression, we have the solution! Not only because we like challenges, but mainly because, having the solution that the client wants adapted to his needs implies a relationship of proximity, complicity and innovation, which are permanent commitments that we propose. Hiperfrio / Ritel does not aspire to be the largest company in its sector, it intends to be the reference company, to find the best solutions, offering a product, competitive service with efficiency. Our values, characterize us in our way of being and acting, with all our internal and external partners, where the constant need to communicate is central to rigor, to resilience, commitments and results. In this true symbiosis that we preserve with our partners, ethics, complicity and, above all, the energy that we instill in everything we do cannot be ignored. Innovating is a characteristic that lives with us daily, as we intend to have the best solutions and the most innovative in technological terms, but we are not shying away from our role in society where we also want to be innovative and contribute to mitigate social asymmetries and make a strong contribution for environmental sustainability. As we are an action-oriented company, in operations we have solutions! You can count on us!


Who We Are

A company specialized in integrated projects of medium and large industrial refrigeration equipment, using both Ammonia, Fréon and CO2 as frigogenic fluids, in its various stages: design, construction and assembly. Since its creation in 1996, we have been concerned with the permanent updating of the best technological processes and safety of projects, betting on the training and experience of our staff. In addition to technical concerns, respect for the environment is always present with the adoption of the latest CFC reduction technologies. The knowledge and experience accumulated in industrial refrigeration, allows us to operate recognized in several industrial segments, such as supermarkets, central cold storage, slaughterhouses or the food industry, whether as an installer or equipment supplier.


To provide the best solutions for customers, ensuring high standards of Safety, Health at Work and Environment in order to be recognized as a reference in compliance with legal standards and professional excellence in cold production to ensure food products conservation on all commercial surfaces. Have a genuine partnership attitude, with a commitment to assist the performance and results of our customers and partners. Achieve recognition with our customers, employees, community and suppliers, for quality, trust and satisfaction of the refrigeration projects that we develop efficiently and profitably. To be an active element in social dynamics, contributing to combat social asymmetries, and to apply good environmental practices in their working methods.




Emotion and Energy

We have the integrated solution for all commercial and industrial refrigeration projects with the highest standards of quality and professionalism. The relationship with customers, the brand language, the innovative approach and effective experiences and solutions are our motivation for excellence.

Results, Resilience  and Accuracy

Being the reference company in this sector, finding the best solutions, with specialized know-how, we offer product, service, competitiveness and efficiency. The team is united, cohesive and oriented towards action and results, where the requirement with ourselves and our partners is a differentiating factor in the market.

Communication and Commitment

The customer is our inspiration; proximity, complicity and innovation are permanent commitments.

What We Do

We work on construction and refrigeration assembly projects that use a wide range of integrated positive and negative temperature equipment, from Refrigerated Displays, Isothermal Panels, Isothermal Doors (including sectional and rapid), Controlled atmosphere cold rooms, Chillers, Installations and electrical equipment, Ice machines, Remote control equipment and systems, Refrigerated Balcony, Refrigerated back-balcony.